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More than 50 years – that’s how long we’ve been dealing with the topic of ID cards.  That’s why cards are one of our favourite topics! Choose climate-friendly card material for your cards. This is how you as a company can make a small contribtution to environmental protection.

We advise and support you with your card project – however you desire! We provide you with a card solution that is perfectly tailored to your requirements!


Card types

Card materials

Below is a selection of the high-quality card materials suitable for regular or intense use. More information about the available RFID transponder chips you will find here.

NEW: we now have a very high-quality metal card in our portfolio. Please contact us for further information!

Environmentally friendly card materials

to improve your environmental footprint.
NEW: we also have an eco-friendly ABS card in our portfolio. ABS hard plastic is 100% recycable and is made itself from recycled plastic.

Important: Please keep in mind, that a paper card like the ECO Card light has a limited durability, e.g. from 1 week to 1 year maximally. It depends all from the type of use. (e.g. it shortens the lifespan if you use this card in humid or wet environment or permanently with humid hands)

TIP: Use a cardholder in order to extend the durability of cards

Fields of application

Payment card

Company card/employee ID

Identity card

Business card

Loyalty card/customer card

Gift card

Credit card/

Fuel card

We are ISO-certified!


IDENTA service


Layout service

Our media designers from the graphics department handle the layout of your cards.


Our lettershop team assembles your card shipment with a personalised cover letter and supplementary notes if needed, and sends the cards direct to the addressees.

Web2Print - the web-based ordering platform for identification media

You can use the IDECard identity card creation system to visually and electronically personalise and encode your identification media directly at your workplace. You can then order the high quality printed ID cards from us using the online ordering platform. We handle the manufacturing and produce the required number of cards for you in our high quality printing department.

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