CSR & Code of Conduct

IDENTA stands for a sustainable corporate strategy combined with social responsibility.


As a company, we stand by our social responsibility towards all our stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, employees, the community and institutions. We consciously focus on sustainability, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste. Therefore, we act as responsible, resource-conserving and safe as possible in all our business decisions and processes. From this we derive our sustainable corporate management.

We are aware that, in addition to economic factors, environmental, social and cultural factors also have a direct influence on IDENTA’s success.

Sustainable action

With almost 60 years of experience in the production of access media and numerous climate-friendly product developments, it is of utmost importance to the entire IDENTA team to act safely, efficiently and sustainably in every single step of the process.

Environmentally friendly shipping and logistics

Our sustainability approach is also applied to goods logistics. Therefore, all shipments that leave our company are transported to our customers with UPS Carbon neutral shipment. This means in detail that the carbon dioxide produced during transport is precisely determined by UPS and offset by actions and projects such as reforestation, climate protection projects and many more.

Again a bit more sustainable! By the way, we only use cardboard boxes made of recycled cardboard for the packaging of our goods shipments.


Recycling of packaging

As a member of “Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System Deutschland GmbH, we are committed to the efficient recycling of packaging. In this process, old packaging is recycled.

Recycling of punching grids and old cards

IDENTA recycles the punching grids of the cards as well as old cards and returns them to the material cycle. Individual high-quality raw materials can thus be recycled and contribute to a positive ecological balance.

Compliance hotline

IDENTA has established a compliance hotline for business partners and employees. It is used for the proper reporting of unlawful conduct in the company or business environment that constitutes a criminal offence or is directed against the IDENTA company. This also includes reports of human rights violations, labour law violations and other corrupt acts.

For your reports, please send an email to whistleblower@identa.com; or write to us anoym (in paper form) to the following address:

c/o IDENTA Ausweissysteme GmbH
Steinkirchring 16
D-78056 Villingen-Schwenningen


We are happy to help!

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