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A smart card is a plastic card with an integrated memory chip – visible on the card surface. The data exchange and the power supply is effected by the mechanical contact.

The contact chip will be chosen according to customer needs. Additional features for your ICC include professional printing in custom layout, personalisation and encodings.


  • Storage of data between 64 and 256kB, in part with additional write-protect
  • high data security and protection
  • combinable with other data carriers (hybrid card)

Processor chip card

A very high performing chip card is the processor chip card – with a micro-processing chip which has a very high storage capacity. It has a CPU, RAM and its own operation system, which can perform complex tasks.


  • storage, processing of data, encoding and decoding of data
  • has its own operating system
  • very high data security and protection
  • stored data can be changed dynamically
  • micro processors are flexible, e.g. different applications on the card

Different applications

  • Access control, time recording
  • Authentication
  • PC-Authentication
  • bank cards (e.g. EC debit cards)
  • electronic purse for cashless payment in canteen, beverage dispenser, Shopping discounts/bonuses, public transport network etc.

Implant of the chip module

Our chip modules will be fixed on the card surface in a hot-melt process.


We provide a large range of supplementary services relating to cards.

  • Lettershop services for card mailings
  • card personalisation
  • card finishing
  • Security features
  • Layout design

Accessories catalogue

We have a wide range of ID card accessories to protect against dust or unauthorised card reading, and to make it easier to handle your cards. Here you will find the perfect card holders, yoyo card holder reels and much more. Take a look at our accessories catalogue.

Other card types

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