Visual personalisation

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Visual personalisation

“Personalisation” refers to all methods of individualizing a data medium. Only with the help of personalisation the neutral data carrier becomes a proof of identity and receives an “identification functionality”. We are proud to be able to rely on decades of experience in the field of personalisation for you.

Visual personalisation includes all “by eye” perceivable labels such as:

  • Surname, first name
  • Photo
  • Department
  • Numbering
  • Validity date
  • Barcode/QR code
  • machine-readable writings

The visual personalisation of cards is effected by means of different printing systems:

  • in digital offset printing (under laminate)
  • in offset printing
  • in screen printing
  • in direct printing (by thermal sublimation or thermal transfer printing)
  • in retransfer printing process

all partly with/without laminate possible

  • in UV-LED printing process (e.g. for perfect card finishing)
  • with embossing
  • with tactile (touchable) laser engraving

Our experts are happy to advise you in detail about the choice of perfect print system for your cards.

A print personalisation for key fobs (e.g. LOXX s, LOXX s slim, LOXX b) will be effected by laser engraving and/or full colour with UV spot.

Personalisation beneath the laminate (subsurface print)

A high-resolution brilliant print (up to 1600dpi) guarantees a perfect personalization and in addition CO2 neutral!

The personalization data is protected under a transparent overlay foil (print personalization under overlay). The overlay foil is an integral part of the card production process. IDENTA has been successfully implementing this highest quality form of personalization with the digital printing process for many years.

Thus, the cards are optimally protected against dirt, strong abrasion and offer increased counterfeit protection.


Personalisation of card blanks

We print the personalisation data on finished card blanks (e.g. pre-printed cards), which can be additionally laminated with a special overlay in credit card quality if required.

Due to our high technical equipment, we are also able to carry out personalisations in very large quantities.

Unpersonalised card blank

Personalisation at IDENTA

We can produce all personalisation techniques for you in-house in a 100% controlled, automated production.

The processing of personal customer data is always in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act). The security of the data in our IT environment as well as the IT processes are regularly checked according to the requirements of the globally recognized IT security standard ISO/IEC 27001 (see ISMS certification according to ISO 27001 ).

In addition, our Mastercard certification and the associated highest possible security level in a protected production environment ensures the secure handling of your customer data in the production process.

IMPORTANT: If you want to personalise your cards yourself, we will provide you with high-quality pre-printed, non-personalised cards in your specific layout. If necessary we can even provide you with the appropriate card printer and Card Management System.

Personalisation on demand

Of course we can also pre-produce non-personalsed transponder cards for you. We keep them in stock for you until you call up the corresponding demand for personalisation.

The dispatch e.g. in a personalised card mailing is gladly taken over by our lettershop team.

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