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Identification and authentication of employees

Personalised intelligent company ID cards that combine data on the digital identity of each employee onto one card are the norm in every company. Access authorisation to different buildings and the recording of working hours can be easily and securely controlled via a multifunctional company ID or alternatively with a RFID key fob or RFID wristband.

Very important: Digital time and access management with contactless company ID cards avoids virus transmission through smear infection via hands

Employee ID AIRBUS

Multifunctional company ID card

We produce a multifunctional electronic company ID for you, which, in addition to access control and time recording can also be used for PC authentication. A very important feature of the company card is its function as a rechargeable cash card for use in the canteen or coffee machines, the car park and the company’s own gym.

(((eTicket functionality

If desired we can add a so-called (((eTicket functionality to your employee ID, so that the ID card can also be used for cashless payment on local public transport, e.g. on the bus and train networks.

Cards last longer in IDENTA cardholders

To make sure your company ID cards last as long as possible and are protected against dirt and wear and tear, we recommend practical cardholders made of transparent hard plastic. These are often worn on a yoyo cardholder reel (which can have the company logo printed on it) or in a lanyard designed by the customer.

Yoyo with snap hook
Cardholder card lanyard combiJ

Two-factor computer authentication

2-factor authentication guarantees secure access to the company network. In addition to the username and password (1), the employee will also have to use their company ID card (2) for authentication.

Our services

We supply white or fully coloured printed contactless cards, chip cards or magnetic cards. Our service starts with the development of the card layout, the selection of the suitable card technology and continues on to cover the card production, card personalisation, card coding and even the packaging and sending of the card in a mailshot via our lettershop.

Card technology

All of the usual card technologies are available (it is also possible to combine them in a hybrid configuration).

Card production

The cards are produced on state-of-the-art printing machines at IDENTA.

Card personalisation

There are numerous personalisation options to ensure your card is distinctive yet also tamper-proof.


In the in-house lettershop we prepare your data, package up your cards in a personally addressed card shipment and send them directly to the card user.

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