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for a longer durability and protection of your ID media

Personalise your badge accessories, e.g. your badge yoyos with your company logo!

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ID card accessories catalogue

Find the right badge accessories to protect your ID cards from wear and tear, damage and dirt. In addition, a matching badge yoyo ensures that it is always ready to hand and extends the life of your transponder cards.

We can of course also personalise any accessory (e.g. with a company logo). We are happy to advise you personally.

Just look through our badge accessories catalogue to find the right card accessories for you! You will find a wide range of badge holders, card holders, ID pouches, card clips, magnetic and carabiner hooks, cards yoyos, key yoyos and lanyards. If the card accessory you require isn’t listed here, please get in touch as we can probably help.

These card accessories are our actual best sellers - just have a look!

Article no.: 0002316

Clear cardholder

ID card accessories yoyo
Article no.: 0002422

Card yoyo with snap hook and tab

Article no.: 0022583

Metallic badge clip with textile-reinforced tab

Article no.: 0002294

Lanyard with snap hook and safety lock


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