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Personalisation through use of a barcode or QR code

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A barcode card has a machine-readable barcode that anonymously encrypts things such as article numbers, customer numbers and other data. A QR code is a two-dimensional code that allows you to link to the company website, via a URL for example. All plastic cards can be equipped with a barcode or QR code.


  • no visible personalisation
  • less expensive than magnetic cards or RFID cards
  • manufactured using digital printing processes, the barcode/QR code is also protected against wear
  • and tear and dirt by the overlay


  • Customer cards
  • Gift cards
  • Membership cards for sports clubs
Barcode card_sample

Card structure

Classic structure of a RFID card with overlay

card structure


We provide a large range of supplementary services relating to cards.

  • Lettershop services for card mailings
  • Card personalisation
  • Card finishing
  • Security features
  • Layout design

Accessories catalogue

We have a wide range of ID card accessories to protect against dust or unauthorised card reading, and to make it easier to handle your cards. Here you will find the perfect card holders, yoyo card holder reels and much more. Take a look at our accessories catalogue.

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