RFID wristbands

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RFID transponder wristbands

RFID transponder wristband LOXX w (with nylon wristband)

The classic RFID transponder wristband Loxx w, consists of a changeable, skin-friendly nylon wristband and a case (available in blue and black) made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and a 4-color high-quality printable white cover – PRICE REDUCED!

High wearing comfort and high resilience during action, sports, work and stress! Just give it a try!

ADVANTAGE: can also be ordered in small quantities! This is the more ecological RFID wristband, because very long use is possible. Furthermore the nylon wristband can be replaced as desired (e.g. whenever the user changes)!

TIP: Replacement wristbands (in yellow, red, orange, blue, black, green) to change – best to order right away!

All usual technologies available or can be made as a hybrid
Minimum order quantity >1 wristband
Splashproof or can be ordered as 100% waterproof model
RFID ELLA fabric wristband

RFID fabric wristband ELLA

The reusable RFID wristband ELLA is made for you according to your layout specifications and in the desired colours (Pantone). Ella is a multifunctional promotional item for your participant management at conferences, company events, multi-day events. But ELLA is also suitable as an access control wristband for sports parks such as trampoline parks, skate parks, climbing parks, high ropes courses, etc.

Important: ELLA has the same functions as a normal transponder card – an indispensable companion for professional event management!

All the usual technologies available
Customisable printing & personalisation options
Skin-friendly polyester
Stretchy finish

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