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IDECard Web - a professional, flexible Card Management System (CMS)

The trend towards outsourcing services does not stop at the topic of “card production”. In the context of digitalisation, our customers are demanding ever deeper integration into their own process landscape. Therefore, we have worked on a new innovative, powerful platform for you with a pronounced focus on a customised Software as a Service SaaS approach for the entire card lifecycle: IDECard Web

On this platform, all services are bundled in one place in a flexible and scalable way:

  • Data transfer together with validation
  • Card production in a highly secure production environment
  • Fulfilment and customer-specific packaging
  • Lettershop, etc.

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A modular and building block architecture of microservices, workflows and highly secure interfaces enables efficient, flexible and always scalable card production and master data management.


Through globally networked “Software as a Service” approaches, IDENTA becomes a full-service provider and makes outsourcing your own card production easier and more secure than ever before.

Encrypted data transmission is of utmost importance to us, as is the processing and production of ID media in a specially designated high-security area. Operation and hosting takes place in a certified managed cloud environment.


A high degree of integration into the existing production environment enables you to obtain your desired product even more easily and quickly.

The aim is to offer a platform that digitises and automates your ID business processes flexibly and step by step. The applications are expandable, but can also be reduced – entirely according to your company-specific requirements.

How it works

ID software_process-digitisation

Data delivery

Customised data model for all article and statement types


Quality assurance using article-based data validation


Production-optimised data preparation according to defined validation rules


Fully automated card production and dispatch logistics

Our Knowhow

First we analyse your business processes, then we adapt them to digital, lean and high-performance workflows. The main goal is to link your internal master data management with IDENTA’s external card production. Our API interface is the industry-independent control centre and guarantees minimal integration effort on the customer side.

Order processing can be automated flexibly (e.g. algorithmically or rule-based). We network card production with sub- and third-party systems and thus ensure an integrated overall solution concept.

Avoid system discontinuities and make use of a modular system of existing workflows and interfaces.
(e.g. from the area of payment processing or eTicketing)!

Our solution approaches are based on innovative technologies:

– Kubernetes Cluster|Managed Cloud
– Programming interface based on RESTful
– Distributed web service/microservice architecture
– Services based on .NET Core
– Central database management: PostgreSQL, SQL Server
– Individual software development, deployment and project planning



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