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IDECard Web - a professional, flexible Card Management System (CMS)

The trend for outsourcing services does not stop at card production. As part of digitisation, our customers are demanding ever deeper integration into their own process landscape. That is why we are working on a new, innovative platform for the entire card life cycle.

On this new platform, all services will be bundled in one place. We can offer you a IDECard Web 4.0 on premises – solution with the customer installation method and a IDECard Web Cloud printing platform which is clearly focused on a tailored “Software as a Service” (Saas) approach.  Or finally the customized hybrid approach.

And very importantly – you decide on a case by case basis whether you want us to print your cards on a high-performance digital printer or whether you want to use card printers on-site. Or you decide in favour of a mixed operation. 

If we have piqued your interest and you have a big card project coming up, please get in touch with our experts. We look forward to hearing from you.



A modular and flexible service architecture allows us to provide efficient and customer-oriented software solutions.


By using a “Software as a Service” approach, IDENTA becomes a service provider and makes outsourcing your own card production easier than ever before.


A high degree of integration into the existing production environment makes it even easier and faster for customers to get their desired product.

How it works

ID software_process-digitisation

Data delivery

Customer-specific data model


Quality assurance using article-based data validation


Production-optimised data preparation


Fully automated card production


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