RFID labels LOXX l

Adhesive labels in different shapes and sizes containing RFID technology

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RFID LOXX I adhesive labels at IDENTA

  • self-adhesive (3M adhesive)
  • Technology: all commercially available RFID technologies
  • shape: round, rectangular
  • standard shape for rectangular RFID labels: 54 mm x 86 mm (ISO card format)
  • sizes (Ø) for round RFID labels: 18 mm, 22 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm
  • individually printable
  • on request: When attempting to remove the safety label, the safety label is destroyed
  • On-metal labels for metal objects
RFID adhesive labels

Brief overview of the RFID adhesive labels

Application examples

Adhesive badge RFID adhesive label

Recoding of ID cards - migration

Driving licence RFID adhesive label

Subsequent application of chip functions

RFID label inventory

Labelling for logistics/transport, RFID identifikation for vehicles on windshields; inventory management of objects


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