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COGARD guard control system


The COGARD 1000 and  3000+ guard control systems are also available as practical and cost-effective starter sets. Or as “ready to go sets” with a notebook computer and pre-installed software for immediate use!

BENZING COGARD guard control systems offer simple, reliable solutions for the creation of control and activity records. We offer different models depending on the requirements or range of functions:

  • The simple COGARD 800 guard control system for 800 entries. It works on a magnetic basis.
  • The COGARD 1000 guard control system with a maximum storage capacity of 1000 bookings. It works contactless with modern RFID technology.
  • The COGARD 3000 guard control system was withdrawn from the programme on 01/03/2024. Individual COGARD 3000 data readers, as well as control points, e-key fobs, holsters etc. are still available.
  • The COGARD 3000+ guard control system with a storage capacity of up to 30,000 bookings.

The BENZING recording and documentation systems for mobile provided services are also suitable for rough working conditions and at the same time very low-maintenance.

With the help of a data reader, monitoring services and special incidents (also for several customers or objects) are documented and logged. If you want to do without data readers, then choose the modern system BENZING NFC Patrol Control, where you can use your own Android smartphone as a data reader.

Fields of applications of BENZING guard clocks

  • Property protection, tours of properties, property monitoring (e.g. industrial facilities, hotels, ships etc.)
  • Intervention services
  • Personal identification in security areas, mobile time recording
  • Monitoring properties in outdoor areas
  • Logistics, goods handling, inventory control
  • Construction site safety and monitoring
  • Maintenance checks (e.g. fire extinguisher, water sprinkler)
  • Quality controls (e.g. water)
  • Facility management (e.g. fire safety)

There are various COGARD data collectors (the COGARD 800, COGARD 1000 basic models and the battery-operated COGARD 3000 and COGARD 3000+) available for data logging.

Benzing guard control fields of application

BENZING COGARD guard control systems - an overview

BENZING NFC Guard control system - NFC Patrol Control - a modern solution for documenting your obligation to provide proof

The modern BENZING NFC guard control system, the NFC Patrol Control, offers a mobile  online guard system using a NFC-enabled (Android) smartphone. Using the “NFC Patrol Control” mobile app, security staff can read out the individual control points directly and in real-time (so-called REAL-TIME MONITORING).

The data is encrypted and transmitted to our servers without personalisation and is available on your computer at the same time!

The actual evaluation of the data on your computer is done using the CoSOFT evaluation software.


With the NFC guard control system, all NFC-enabled smartphones can be used as data readers.

COSOFT evaluation software
for all BENZING guard control systems

The control data recorded using the BENZING guard control solution can be evaluated and analysed using the CoSOFT evaluation software. Security companies that work for different customers can create customer-specific reports and forward on the activity reports or even print them out if necessary.

REPORTING: CoSOFT processes all of the data that has been recorded using any COGARD data reader and NFC-enabled mobile phone and prepares it flexibly, clearly and in line with your wishes.


  • Client server solution or enterprise solution
  • supports all COGARD and NFC guard control systems
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Multi-user capacity
  • direct connection to Microsoft SQL Server
  • database: XML
  • user-friendly interface with expandable user management
  • new transaction data evaluation with short comments
  • digital location description of the checkpoint (printable)


We provide a large range of supplementary services relating to  BENZING guard control systems.

  • After-sales and repair service
  • Conversion to thermal printer
  • Data sorting
  • Technical support
  • Wide range of accessories

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