Hybrid card / Combination card

combines several data carriers in one card


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A hybrid card always has several storage media, e.g. two technology chips, on a single card. A contact chip can be combined with a contactless RFID chip on things such as classic work IDs. The most common are hybrid bank cards (e.g. debit cards) with a combination of a magnetic strip and RFID chip.


  • different data or info can be saved > greater range of applications
  • higher level of security and protection, especially with RFID card solutions
  • greater flexibility for the user

Dual interface cards

The dual interface card is a special type of hybrid card. It has a chip with two data interfaces, i.e. the data on the card can be read by both a contact-based interface as well as a contactless data interface.


Multi-applications are in vogue. A hybrid card can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Time recording systems, access systems
  • local public transport networks
  • Bank cards, e.g. debit cards
  • Payment systems, e.g. canteens, vending machines, shops
  • Offline door locking systems
Company ID with contact chip_IDENTA

Card structure

Classic structure of a RFID card with overlay


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