Packaging and dispatch of personalised card shipments and keyfob shipments.

From the IDENTA lettershop direct to your customer

We package up your card shipment: personalised and non-personalised cards are attached to a (personalised) letter; the shipment can include an insert. The letter is then folded and put into an envelope, a machine-readable IT franking mark is then applied (automated postage-optimised franking) and sent directly to your addressees. We can do the same with the shipment of RFID keyfobs together with a personalised letter.

In addition to our trained team of employees, you can also make use of our high-performance, computer-controlled lettershop machines.

It’s simple.

Step 1

Personalise your card however you wish and then have it printed out.

Step 2

The card will be attached to a personalised letter.

The personalised letter is printed to match the card. After multiple electronic and visual inspections, the card is automatically inserted into the letter.

Step 3

Insertion into envelopes and shipping.

After inserts have been added (optional) and the correct folding has been checked, the card mailing is inserted into an envelope; a machine-readable IT franking mark (optional) is then applied and the letter is sent to the addressees.


  • personalised messages create greater levels of customer loyalty!
  • targeted address management thanks to duplicate matching!
  • postage-optimised IT franking saves you money!
  • at IDENTA  – everything from a single source – saves time!

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