Electronic personalisation

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Electronic personalisation/Encoding of multifunctional ID media

After the production or visual personalisation of the data carrier follows the electronic personalisation – the encoding process of the sophisticated transponders and chips.

IDENTA is able to encode all your smartcards and transponders in a secure IT environment according to your specifications. In this context  we commit ourselves in different institutions and committes (such as Common Standard, OSS association, LEGIC partnership) to protocol standards and uniform coding structures.

The electronic personalisation is effected by our automated software-based production machinery, which includes a integrated 100% visual and technical control. In consideration of your determined security level as a matter of course.

During the process of  electronic personalisation the data of different parameters, such as ID numbers, monetary value, group identifier, keys, certificates, digital photos etc., will be attached. Our ID media (e.g. smartcards) are used in secure authentication solutions for cloud -, network applications, for public transport etc.

Our experts will support you with any encoding task:

  • Encoding of RFID transponderchips of different technologies (e.g. contact interfaces, contactless interfaces in NF, HF and UHG, dual interfaces) in form of cards, keyfobs, bracelets etc.
  • Chip initialisations
  • Authentication media e.g. hardware token
  • Encoding of digital certificates of a PKI

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