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Contactless technologies

Contactless ID media use transponder chips that are hidden and invisible inside the card or the key fob. This chip is responsible for transferring the data between the chip card and the reader.

For security-relevant applications, contactless RFID chips that offer a high security standard are the preferred choice. They correspond to the following ISO standards and are used in the following frequency ranges:

  • ISO 11784, ISO 11785  – for LF (low frequency range) – from 125 to 135 kHz
  • ISO 14443, ISO 15693 – for HF (high frequency range) – 13.56 MHz 
  • ISO nn – for UHF (ultra high frequency range) – from 860 to 960 MHz

We sell all the usual chip types and will be happy to provide you with in-depth advice on the selection or migration options. More on RFID cards.

If you wish, we are happy to advise you about all the available RFID chips in the UHF, HF and NF frequency ranges.

Contact-based technologies

ID media with contact-based technology – i.e. a visible chip – are so-called (contact) chip cards. More on chip cards.   

  • simple data storage chips – offer little protection, suitable for small quantities of data
  • powerful processor chips (for processor chip cards) – offer a high level of protection, for data processing applications; highly secure encryption, provide data for multiple applications and for your own computing processes

If you wish, we are happy to advise you about all the available contact chips.

Information on other transponder technologies (e.g. dual interface, magnetic strip, barcode) can be found under the different card types.


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