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We offer personalised plastic cards in ISO 7810 format with a card thickness of 0.76 mm. The cards are printed and personalised with your desired layout using digital offset printing. The print is protected from dust and wear and tear by a protective overlay film.

We can attach the plastic card to a personalised letter and send it as a mailshot for you from our lettershop.

We also offer blank plastic cards for self-printing. These are suitable for use with all desktop card printers.

Card finishing options

  • exciting card surfaces (e.g. smooth surface, use of gold/silver screen printing)
  • tactile effects (through the use of UV spot coating)
  • exclusive level of colour brilliance

Card finishing

Card formats

In addition to cards in ISO-7810 format (credit card format), we also supply other formats on request:

  • Rounded cards (see image)
  • Mini cards
  • XXL cards
  • Custom formats


We provide a large range of supplementary services relating to cards.

  • Lettershop services for card mailings
  • Card personalisation
  • Card finishing
  • Security features
  • Layout design

IDENTA accessories shop

We have a wide range of ID card accessories to protect against dust or unauthorised card reading, and to make it easier to handle your cards. Here you will find the perfect card holders, yoyo card holder reels and much more. Take a look at our IDENTA accessories shop.

p.s. we also have eco-friendly card holders for you !

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