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RFID cards with an open data and interface standard for electronic ticketing on public transport.

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IDENTA is a manufacturer for and partner of (((eTicket Germany

(((eTicket Germany is the electronic ticket system for the public transport system (ÖPV). We are manufacturers and experienced partners of the VDV-KA manufacturer package and implement your (((eTicket functions and requirements on your network card.   

Company ID with (((eTicket functionality!

Get to work in an environmentally-friendly and stress-free way with a job ticket and the public transport network!

Different (((eTicket user media (chip cards, NFC or RFID-enabled user media)

Transport companies that have chosen to use the (((eTicket Germany with the VDV-KA (core application) can choose between different functions that IDENTA implements for them.

  • (((ePay: Customers can buy their ticket using the so-called “payment authorisation” on their chip card without using cash.
  • (((eTicket: the so-called (((eTicket is saved on the chip card, i.e. so that all the ticket data can be saved and read.
  • (((eTicket with automatic fare calculation: in addition to ticket data, fares can also be calculated automatically.


Possible additional applications from IDENTA

  • Card emulation with MIFARE DESFire or MIFARE Classic for additional applications such as smart city, bike sharing, library, student ID cards, payment cards, customer cards, etc. (s. Certification document VDV eTicket Service).

IMPORTANT: We also handle customised card projects for transport associations that have chosen  a different RFID, NFC, chip card or magnetic card solution.


Numerous transport companies and transport associations have already opted for multifunctional solutions from IDENTA.

Our services

We supply white or fully coloured printed RFID cards, chip cards or magnetic cards.

Our service includes card production as well as mass personalisation of smartcards– starting with the development of the card layout, the selection of the suitable card technology and continues on to cover the card production, card personalisation, card coding and even the packaging and sending of the card in a mailshot via our in-house lettershop.

Card technology

All of the usual card technologies are available (it is also possible to combine them in a hybrid configuration).

Card production

The cards are produced on state-of-the-art printing machines at IDENTA.

Card personalisation

There are numerous personalisation options to ensure your card is distinctive yet also tamper-proof.


In the in-house lettershop we prepare your data, package up your cards in a personally addressed card shipment and send them directly to the card user.

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