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Intelligent chip cards for everything to do with cars

The use of intelligent chip cards in the automotive industry has rapidly increased in recent years. More and more cars are started using an intelligent key card rather than an ignition key. Also the wallboxes are activated with an RFID chip. Electric cars are charged at an electric vehicle charging station using an EV charge card or RFID charging card. Even conventional refuelling can be easily carried out without using cash thanks to contactless fuel cards.

Ticketless parking using RFID cards in designated parking spaces is also very trendy. IDENTA supports the automotive industry around the world with our know-how in ID media.

Car wash card
RFID charging card, RFID charging key-IDENTA

Refuelling electric vehicles at your EV charging station using RFID charging cards or RFID charging keys

With the RFID charging card or RFID charging key (e.g. a RFID key fob) a authentication takes place at the EV charging stations. The authentication itself is executed by using the NFC or RFID technology inside the card, or alternatively using a QR code. Subsequently the electric vehicle can be charged properly.

We manufacture your electric vehicle charging cards – as requested to suit your needs for seamless and secure electric charging.

Wallbox/charging stations: we also supply you with the RFID charging cards to activate the company’s own charging stations. Or we integrate this functionality on the company ID card.

The future of ticketless parking

A reader or a ranged reader and a RFID card or RFID label on the windscreen of the barrier allows for ticketless parking in a car park or assigns a free parking space (electronic parking authorisation).
Thanks to the integrated payment function, there is no need for the user to go to the payment machines, and only the actual parking time is calculated.


Say goodbye to ignition keys! You can now open and start your car with your digital NFC key card!

Nowadays the digital key card from many car manufacturers replaces the traditional car key and at the same time it provides important operating data (e.g. tank fill level, oil status, etc.). This makes driving far easier.

Even carsharing companies  prefer to use this type of digital key card – for example hundreds of car keys can be combined into a single card that opens and locks the booked vehicle for the user. It is important to choose the right security level of the transponder technology.


Our services

We supply fully coloured printed contactless cards (especially NFC cards), chip cards, hybrid cards or magnetic cards. Furthermore we can offer you contactless key fobs with the same functionality.

Our full-service starts with the advisory service and development of your individual card layout (with special card finish such as coloured edging, tactile finish etc.), the choice of the suitable card technology and continues on to cover the card production, card personalisation, card coding and even the packaging and sending of the card in a personalised, multilingual mailshot via our lettershop.

We can also offer you black card holders (matching to your black cards) with a key ring for your bunch of keys.

Since 2016 our production areas are audited from several well-known automobile companies.


Card technology

All of the usual card technologies are available (it is also possible to combine them in a hybrid configuration).

Card production

The cards are produced on state-of-the-art printing machines at IDENTA.

Card personalisation

There are numerous personalisation options to ensure your card is distinctive yet also tamper-proof.


In the in-house lettershop we prepare your data, package up your cards in a personally addressed card shipment and send them directly to the card user.

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