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Sports strip card

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Season tickets, annual tickets, membership cards

Multifunctional contactless season tickets for stadium visitors are very on trend. A season ticket entitles the fan to a free trip on public transport and can also serve as a parking permit. The season ticket read out on the reader guarantees safe and controlled access to the stadium. Before the game and during breaks, food and drinks can be conveniently paid for at the registers and vending machines without the need for cash.

We supply payment cards (closed loop cards) for closed loop payment systems.

Wild Tigers season ticket

Event tickets – for fabulous day events in sports arenas!

Our contactless cards are compatible with many of the access systems and cash register systems on the market. High-quality security features make them tamper-proof and unique. You can add many additional functions on request.

Fast cashless payments with the stadium payment card.

Multifunctional golf cards

A contactless golf card (equipped with MIFARE technology) or an intelligent key fob allows members and guests to unlock ball machines, open changing rooms or use members-only parking spaces in the golf club. Benefit from our experience of producing reliable golf ID cards such as golf bag tags, golf club IDs, visitor cards, range fee cards and much more.  

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Spas, pools, fitness centres

Enjoy a visit to the hotel spa or adventure pool with a waterproof RFID wristband! A personalised contactless fitness centre card guarantees a quick and convenient check-in at your fitness centre! Controlled access to changing rooms with lockers, to the Milon Circle with special fitness equipment and to course offers is easier with the help of contactless ID media.

Our services

We supply white or fully coloured printed contactless cards, chip cards or magnetic cards. Our service starts with the development of the card layout, the selection of the suitable card technology and continues on to cover the card production, card personalisation, card coding and even the packaging and sending of the card in a mailshot via our lettershop.

Card technology

All of the usual card technologies are available (it is also possible to combine them in a hybrid configuration).

Card production

The cards are produced on state-of-the-art printing machines at IDENTA.

Card personalisation

There are numerous personalisation options to ensure your card is distinctive yet also tamper-proof.


In the in-house lettershop we prepare your data, package up your cards in a personally addressed card shipment and send them directly to the card user.

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