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A multifunctional card for all purposes

In our in-house production department we produce customised high-quality, full colour hotel key cards, guest cards, city cards, boarding passes, spa cards and bathing cards, etc. using the latest printing processes and encoding technologies.

For hotels that have made a commitment to be environmentally sustainable, we have high-quality printed hotel cards made from sustainable card materials such as the ECO Card light and ECO Card PET-G (with/without technology).

Multifunktionale Karte

The right key card for your hotel room

Our contactless cards are compatible with many of the hotel locks and access systems on the market, such as those made by KABA.

The service we provide:
You confidentially send us a contactless key card that you use in your establishment. First, our card technicians professionally read the card. We will then be happy to advise you on the hotel key cards we can offer to suit your needs.

An attractive contactless city card to improve purchasing power

It can also come with an electronic travel card, the so-called (((eTicket - for cashless use of the public transport network.

High-quality, luminously printed annual cards and multi-day passes for leisure parks

Contactless annual tickets or club cards for leisure parks are very popular with visitors who visit regularly. A customised, high-quality card design can also ensure strong identification with the facilities you have on offer and create lasting customer loyalty.
The card also provides a great advertising space. As an alternative to cards and especially useful for family offers, we sell practical RFID wristbands made of silicone.  


Our services

We supply white or fully coloured printed contactless cards, chip cards or magnetic cards. Our service starts with the development of the card layout, the selection of the suitable card technology and continues on to cover the card production, card personalisation, card coding and even the packaging and sending of the card in a mailshot via our lettershop.

Card technology

All of the usual card technologies are available (it is also possible to combine them in a hybrid configuration).

Card production

The cards are produced on state-of-the-art printing machines at IDENTA.

Card personalisation

There are numerous personalisation options to ensure your card is distinctive yet also tamper-proof.


In the in-house lettershop we prepare your data, package up your cards in a personally addressed card shipment and send them directly to the card user.


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