LOXX mini key tag

the RFID key fob with large-scale printable area

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LOXX mini key tag

The LOXX mini key tag is the innovation of card and key fob. It has the same functionality, thickness and printability as an ID card – but can be worn on a key ring just like an RFID key tag. For the card material, we recommend environmentally friendly card materials (e.g. ECO Card PET-G). Alternatively, PVC is also possible. All common RFID transponder chips can be used, but not as hybrid.


with environmentally friendly card material ECO Card rPETG it is a sustainable RFID key fob - as it is made of 100% rPETG!

Small but very functional

The LOXX mini key tag is just a third of the size of a standard format card. This makes it ideal for placing on key chain.

RFID key fob Loxx mini key tag


RFID key fobs and RFID key tags – with the greatest possible level of customisation, made by experts!

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  • Layout design

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