Are you using already sustainable company cards?

With the use of Eco-friendly card materials for your company cards, you will certainly improve your environmental footprint. The new high-qualtiy ECO Card PET G made of 100% recycled PET is as robust, printable and long-lasting as the ordinary PVC card.

For the use of loyalty cards, membership cardse, gift cards we recommend our high-quality paper cards, ECO Card Light. They are made of a paper composite but with the look and feel of an IDENTA card. Up to 85% less plastic used!

Every ECO Card is printed using the same quality process applied to every IDENTA product. All options for personalisation, security, fulfilment and  technology are available.

In order to further comply with company sustainabilty policies we can also offer you eco-friendly card holder (from Polycarbonat without plasticizer), lanyards made of  skin-friendly bamboo and also cotton. Please contact us for for more information!